State Project Facilitation Unit, Uttar Pradesh

About Us

State Project Implementation Unit (SPIU)- Uttar Pradesh is a unit established to implement Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TEQIP), Phase III in the State of Uttar Pradesh. The project is monitored by the Ministry of Human Resource Development through National Project Implementation Unit, headquartered at Delhi. TEQIP is implemented in 18 states and 01 UT across the country in its third phase. SPIU-UP is monitored by the State Steering Committee,

The composition of the State Steering Committee is as follows:
  • Principal Secretary/Secretary responsible for Engineering Education, as the Chairperson;
  • Financial Controller of the State Department concerned with Engineering Education in the State/UT or his/her nominee;
  • Director or equivalent, Department of Higher Education, MHRD or nominee;
  • State Project Administrator as head of State Project Implementation Unit (SPIU), as the Member-Secretary;
  • Two Industry members, nominated by major Industry Associations;
  • Two members having recognized expertise and interest in Engineering Education, nominated by the State Government;
  • One nominee of the State Private Sector Advisory Group (S-PSAG); and
  • Director for Engineering Education in the State.